Andy Porter Photo Workshops North Cascades National Park

Andy Porter Photo Workshops North Cascades National Park. This year marks the Centennial Celebration of our awesome National Park Service! Landscape Class July 11

With out a doubt one of the best ideas ever, National Parks are wondrous, magical places of nature, history and fun.

The Park Service does a fantastic of preserving and protecting our unique wild places, both keeping them pristine and making them available for enjoyment.

I am very proud to be working with the North Cascades National Park this summer, helping them to celebrate their 100th Birthday, by leading two Photography Workshops in the park.

Andy Porter Photo Workshops North Cascades National Park

The first class is a workshop on Nature Photo Composition. I will cover (and show examples) of landscapes of the North Cascades and we will discuss, in detail, tips on how to compose an interesting image. Be sure to bring your camera, as we will head out for a short hike to practice the tips covered in the class.

Here are a few North Cascades National Park Images.

Night Sky Aug. 1The second workshop, Night Sky Photography, will be held on August 1st from 9pm to 1am.

Have you ever wanted to capture images of the Night Sky?

It’s not very difficult, actually the most difficult part is getting the confluence of no moon and no clouds at the same time! In this class I will cover the basics of capturing images of the night sky.

The New Moon is Aug. 2, and so we will be able to see the arc of the Milky Way above Diablo Lake.

You will need a DSLR camera (a full frame camera is best, but any DSLR will work) , a wide-angle lens (a lens anywhere from 10mm to 24 mm will work) and a tripod to take pictures. See the attached flyer for more details!

Be sure to bring some water and snacks, as well as a few layers!



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