Angel’s Landing, Zion National Park

Angels Landing Zion National Park

Angels Landing Zion National Park is a truly unbelievable place. The very presence of the monoliths of stone jutting from canyon floor challenges ones senses. You just cant imagine the grandeur of the place.

Then, to make things even more amazing, there is a trail that leads to the very top!

The trip starts innocently enough, all flat and nice, and then the switchbacks start. The trail is mostly paved as it zigs up the side of the canyon. The views just get better and better.Reaching a short resting spot, the path now plunges into the shadows. Then, a clever series of very short, steep switchbacks.

Here is an article detailing the trail.

Now another wide shelf where everyone on the sojourn takes a rest to gather strength for the coming test!

The spine of Angels Landing rises in front, the trail climbs, then dips, the soars to the very top. Metal rods, sunk into stone, and heavy chains are conveniently set where things get sketchy.

The views are beyond compare.

Truly one of the greatest hikes I have ever done in any National Park.

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