Between Hope and Desolation

Between Hope and Desolation Hozomeen Mountain rises above Ross Lake.

Located in the North Cascades National Park, Hozomeen Mountain is just a few miles from the Canadian Border. There are three ways to get there: You can hike there, along the East Bank Trail, its a 31 mile hike from Highway 20 to Hozomeen. Or you can rent a boat at Ross Lake Resort and make your way there. Or you can drive in, through the town of Hope, in Canada. Its about  2 hour drive from Vancouver, BC.

There is an official National Park Campground with a boat dock and a trail leading to Hozomeen Lake.

This was the first visit for me. Some time ago I had rented a boat and made my way up Desolation Peak, just to the south of Hozomeen. From the summit of Desolation, Hozomeen Mountain is impressive, but nothing compared to the view we had when we arrived on the boat.

Hozomeen is a Salish word meaning sharp, like a sharp knife. And you can see why.

The next day we made our way along the 3.6 mile trail to the lake. I don’t know if I have seen a more perfect lake. Nestled at the base of the soaring peak, surrounded by green and greener, Hozomeen Lake is a paradise found.

A family came for a swim.

As the sun set the mountain came alive. Loons called from across the lake. We had a perfect day, sitting by the lake, swimming and just basking in the wonder of it all.

The night came. Moonlight illuminated the summit as the stars burst out…

Its a long way to Hozomeen. The journey to this spot, between Hope and Desolation takes some time. But if you can find a way, you’ll be glad you did.

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  1. So beautiful! How wonderful our Creator is to design such at work of art! And how fortunate we are to have you captured the experience and share it! Thank you Andy ☺

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