Mount Baker, North Cascades

Mount Baker, North Cascades

Mount Baker in the North Cascades is the 3rd highest mountain in Washington. Its elevation is 10,781 ft (3,286 m).

After Mount Rainier, Mount Baker is the most heavily glaciated of the Cascade Range volcanoes; the volume of snow and ice on Mount Baker, 0.43 cu mi (1.79 km3) is greater than that of all the other Cascades volcanoes (except Rainier) combined. It is also one of the snowiest places in the world; in 1999, Mount Baker Ski Area, located 14 km (8.7 mi) to the northeast, set the world record for recorded snowfall in a single season—1,140 in (2,900 cm).

The original name, Koma Kulshan, means White Sentinel.

The summit is visible from Vancouver, BC to the north and Seattle to the south.

I visit Mt Baker many times each year. There are access roads and trails from every direction.

Every view is a bit different, and each visit reveals new vistas and appreciation of this beautiful peak.

Here are four unique images showcasing the stunning beauty of out White Sentinel.

Prints of Mount Baker, North Cascades are available for purchase here.

For information on Photo Tours here is the link.

Usually the best time to visit is June through October. Early season access to the mountain depends upon when the snow melts enough for the roads to open. 2015 saw a long season as last winter saw only 20% of our usual snow fall.

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