Pasayten Wilderness Wildflowers

Pasayten Wilderness Wildflowers

The Pasayten Wilderness in Washington State is one of my favorite places to go backpacking. It’s more than a half million acres of mountains, rivers, meadows and forests.

The vastness of the wilderness, and its remote location along the US-Canada border keep the visitors at bay. More than likely you will not see more than a handful of people on a week long trip.

6 years ago I visited the Cathedral Peak Basin and was blown away with its beauty. The basin is sandwiched between Cathedral Peak and Amphitheater Mountain and this year I set out to revisit this mountain fastness.

Here are a few images from my earlier trip.

The hike in is about 30 miles one way, but its not a strenuous hike, the elevation change throughout the route is rather low. I scouted the weather and the first few days looked good, followed by some dicey forecast. Being an over optimistic hiker we departed and made out way along the trail. Alas, the rains came about 2/3 of the way there and we retreated back, no too interested in spending 4 more days in the cold rain!

However along the trail from the Iron Gate Trail head we did see a few wildflowers!

Here are a few images from the trip:



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  1. I was up there last week! We had some awesome thunder and lightning at upper cathedral Thursday night!

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