The Photo Editing Lessons I provide are basic tools for someone relatively new to the world of Photoshop. As you progress I am happy to share with you all I have learned.

We can schedule the lessons at your home or meet with our laptops to work at any location. It is also possible to deliver very effective Photoshop lessons online, through screen sharing we can edit images together from different locations, seeing what the other is doing.

The rate is $50 per hour. The rate increases if I need to travel further afield than the Mount Vernon/Sedro-Woolley area.

My General Plan is to assess what you do know, what you are interested in, and then show you how to do first basic actions like straightening, cropping color enhancement and then more advanced techniques like editing RAW images, using layers and masks, filters and a lot more.

Here are a few examples of images I have taken recently and then the edited versions.



Point of the Arches: a Fairy Land




spider meadows nov em1

In my mind its best to keep lessons short, maybe 2 hours max, and allow you to play around with your new skills before teaching more. This gives you time to use the new knowledge and make it yours.

I am available almost anytime of day, evening or weekend. We can schedule a regular time slot, or you can schedule as your need arises.

Feel free to email me or call with any questions! 360-809-0661.



Park Butte Lookout and Mount Baker

I also offer Photo Tours. This is where we head outdoors to a scenic location where we can combine instruction with practical, in-field advices and training. The Skagit Heritage Barn Photo Tour visits the scenic barns of Skagit County. There are North Cascades Photo Tours and Night Sky Photo Tours, these involve day hiking to different locations and also overnight backpacking to remote areas for fantastic photographic opportunities.

My journey into Photoshop was a reluctant one!

Like many people I began an interest in photography when I stared to travel. I wanted to capture some part of what I was seeing to share and remember.

More often than not I was dismayed with the results and so took a photography class and learned the basics and a lot more about all aspects of photo taking.

Encouraged by the new skills I had a blast getting out and capturing images.

I started to notice that although my pictures were good there were many images of the same subjects that looked better.

And that was when I had the realization that I needed to learn how to use Photoshop.

Skagit Valley from Sauk Mountain at Sunset

Skagit Valley from Sauk Mountain at Sunset


Feel free to email me anytime with any Photo Editing Questions!

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