Sedro-Woolley Rodeo

The Sedro-Woolley Rodeo is held over the 4th of July holiday. I have been to take pictures before, but this time was given access to roam about.

Behind the fences and corral and gates the rodeo contestants prepare for their events.

Taping, wrapping, tightening, testing; each has their own unique way of getting ready.

Once all of their gear is in place they climb up on the platform, above the pens where the animals are held.

I watch a few of the riders mentally going through the ride, envisioning the motions and going through the physical actions, anticipating and reacting.


As their slot approaches they mount and get ready.

One of the riders is from Canada. She looks like she’s having a good time!

Ready hands are available if needed.

Everything has to be just right, finding the best grip.

Getting set for the unleashing energy, exploding like a coiled spring…

It was an event I will not soon forget! The sights and sounds, colors and smells, textures and shapes all unique.

More information about the Sedro-Woolley Rodeo and Loggerodeo can be found here.

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