Skagit Valley Barn

Barns are always great subjects for a photo. They’re often away from other buildings, making it easy to compose a nice sky.

Skagit Valley BarnSkagit Valley Barn

And the things around the barn are also fun to photograph

The ground can be green and lush, long grass swaying in the golden breeze or the earth can be bare its texture calling to you.

Skagit Valley Barn

The light changes and the entire image shifts.

Light pastel turns to bold acrylic, then to a neon glow.

Circling, back and forth, I am watching the evening magic.

Back lit the barn is a mystery, golden light oozing from the small windows

Arriving just before sunset, I linger a while, experiencing the change. I depart to a different location, and return just before the final setting.

Skagit Valley Barn

I love the sense of space afforded by the wide angle lens I am using. The depth of field in the images is wonderful. I can capture the near and far, adding layers of detail. The flowers glow in front of the barn, the raw earth stretches out before me.

Its amazing how the colors of the clouds change as I move and the time passes. Each minute and angle bring new excitement and awe.

Lingering as long as I can, I finally start to drive home, looking back at the sun to see if I missed anything.

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