Skagit Valley Tulips 2017

Skagit Valley Tulips 2017

This year’s Tulip Festival is still going. The bloom is about 3 to 4  weeks later than last year, as of now it looks like we’ll have tulips until the end of April!

This spring has been full of dramatic weather, almost constant rain with a few occasional cloud breaks.

And wow, what an outpouring of colors. The water in the rows provides such a wonderful bonus to the affair. The spongy mud felt like you were walking across a water bed!

Its hard to capture a bad image of the tulips, the colors and shapes, the mud and sky all make a perfect combination. You can drive by and from the car get a cool shot. But once in a while you might get lucky!

Skagit Valley Tulip Festival Photo Tours are still available evening sunset during the week and morning sunrise during the weekend.

Also, on Tuesday, April 25 I will be giving a presentation on Wilderness Photography at the Marysville Opera House as a part of their Outdoor Adventure Series. Details can be found here.


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