Trekking Olympic National Park

Trekking Olympic National Park is a TON of fun!

There are so many uniquely different eco systems, from the alpine zone in the mountains, to the dark moist rain forest, to the dramatic coast line there is a lot to take in all close at hand.

Last week I visited for 3 days of rest and relaxation, nothing difficult, just enjoying the warm spring weather.

Trekking Olympic National Park

One day we hiked along the Hoh River, through its rare temperate rain forest. Massive trees are here, old mammoths of forest, cloaked in moss and greenery. This one giant beckoned and our young climber obliged.
Cedar Tree, Olympic National Park

Another day found us along the Olympic Coast, wandering among sea stacks and luxuriating in the fresh ocean breezes. Eagles greeted us and starfish watched while we pondered big questions.
Sunset at Ruby Beach, Olympic National Park

Later a walk along the beach at night near the Kalaloch Lodge afforded more magnificence.
Night Sky at Kalaloch, Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park is easy to get to, has many options for visitors, for car and R camping, backpacking, or lolly gagging at one the Park Lodges.

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