Upper Lyman Lake, Glacier Peak Wilderness

Upper Lyman Lake, Glacier Peak Wilderness lies in a narrow valley, nestled deep in the Glacier Peak Wilderness.

There are two approaches, one involves a boat ride along Lake Chelan to the village of Holden, and then up to Lyman Lake, and onto the upper lake.

The other route is even more fun, it involves a short hike through spectacular Spider Meadows and then up the valley head wall and through the narrow defile of Spider Gap, and then down the snow fields to Upper Lyman Lake. This is the route I took on my first visit a few years ago.

We hiked to Spider Meadows and camped, the next morning we began the trek up and to Spider Gap. The skies were a wonderful mix of blue skies and dark clouds…

As we reached the top of Spider Gap the wind picked up and rain started. I was so looking forward to seeing the basin in favorable skies that I was mightily disappointed, but as we descended the sky suddenly began to clear, and the magic happened!

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The sun came out and we stopped. The plan had been to hike on through but we found a green meadow and unpacked to relax and dry out.

The starkness and solitude of alpine lakes above timber line is sublime.

The wind whispers, sharing the wisdom of ages. I stay very still and listen.

The power of the message is in its simplicity.

I realize how lucky I am to be in such a perfect place.

Upper Lyman Lake, Glacier Peak Wilderness

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